It is safe to rest with You
Whatever you need to do
Your heart will guide you to

The feeling that arises inside
It rushes through your mind
Trying to survive
Making itself stay alive
Hurrying to morph into something
That you cannot soon forget

The urgency brings pressure to do
What the feeling inside of you is driving you to
But the feeling itself arises from the fear within
The fear that says “I am not enough”
And creates constant striving for more
But you can stop here, and

Because with rest and curiosity comes calm
With calm comes clarity
With clarity comes peace and understanding
Rushing about creates more urgency
Stopping to rest declares your authority
That says you are not victim to the fear that takes up residency inside

Declare your authority
Take your rest
Here you will find what you heart likes best

Trust in your Self
Because it knows the way
Meet yourself here
Day after day
After day

And when fear arises that you won’t be where you need
Reply, “Hello there, darling; I see you, take heed”
The fear is itself afraid and alone
Needing comfort
Love and
A home

A loving embrace
A shoulder to lean on
Provide for this fear
And you’ll see, it’s just

You, who learned fear when you were powerless, young
Nedding protection, love, care and a home
And you learned then to trust this fear that you had
To act as requested, lest you be labeled “bad”

So you did what you had to
You adapted, survived
You cared for yourself even then
You stayed alive

And now this fear is still here, creeps in, wants to stay
It says, “I’m here to help you, remember the ways
In which we worked together, I needed to keep you alive?”
And you reply, “You did, Thank you; I am so grateful;
And now, you can rest. The hyper-vigilance is no longer helping me survive”

So, be gentle with yourself, you are doing your best
And whenever those feelings of urgency, pressure, fear
When they come, when they are near
Remember to comfort them, make them at home
And then, find your place in your
Your heart
Your home