It’s okay to want to grow and change, and become a new person.
Its okay that it’s hard sometimes, to change and evolve.
Its okay that on some days, you have worries fill your head, and they just don’t quit.

You are constantly growing and changing.
You are evolving into a truer version of you, every day.
You are not your worries, they are just here to visit.

“Oh, hey, I know you.” Smile and wave. These thoughts, when you remember they aren’t you, when you remember to step outside of the story they want you to believe, you remember this is just a pattern, something you’ve practiced, and you can start practicing a new pattern, now.

You are the sky, and those worries are just some clouds, passing through. Not here to stay, just here to visit.

Speaking of you being the sky, now that you’ve stepped out of that limiting story that the cloud/worry was persuading you into believing, now that that’s not a thing anymore, don’t you feel more expansive? More like, “oh yeah, this is just a silly game?” Then you realize, “It’s okay. It’s okay worries, you’ve done your part. You can rest now. I can take it from here.”

Breathe in that calm surrender. It’s waiting for you.