Having Grace for others. Having Grace for self. It’s so easy to write off someone with a label… When we really know in our hearts that in casting judgment on the other we cast judgment on the self. And in casting judgment on the self, we cast judgment on the other.

I want to remember this Grace, that we all make mistakes. And to remember that mistakes are not bad, just a way to learn. Just a way to receive feedback on what works and what doesn’t work. And what works with some will not work with others, and what works in relationships with some won’t work in relationships with others. Because all people are different: all have different past experiences and different present needs.

Here is the lesson. We remain open to learning; we see how we want to be secure, to know the answer, and the funny thing is, there is no ANSWER.

There is no finality. There is not a black and white description.

Being open, soft, flowing, flexible, able to change, this is the path. 

The black and white thinking served its purpose. It’s natural in our development. 

Also in our development is moving beyond the known, into the place of the unknown. Being okay with not knowing. Being in this space of trust.

Releasing the need for control and certainty and allowing life to happen through you.

What is the truth that wishes to come out of your heart right now?