Your wants and your needs,
They are perfect, you see?
They are here for you,
To give you what you need.

Specifically tailored for you,
Exactly for you,
They’re here to meet you where you are
And give you what you need

Based on where you’ve been.

Maybe you don’t like them
You want what you need to be different.
You see others, and they don’t need as much as you,
Or the same things as you;
But don’t you see, dear one,
They are not you.

They have not been where you’ve been,
Have not seen what you’ve seen,
Have not felt what you’ve felt.
Their experiences are not your own.

Where you have been has brought you to where you are now.
And where you are now is just perfect for you.

These needs that support you, you don’t like them, I see.
You want to be needless, low maintenance, easy going;
You want your experience to be different than what it is.
You have your expectations already placed in your head, and I know,
It’s hard to change your idea of what you should need.

But darling, it’s okay to need what you need.

You can give yourself time, space, rest, go ahead:
Depleting yourself won’t put you ahead.