Dear One,

There are things that you wish were different; I understand. It’s hard to have things happen, that you don’t want to happen. It’s difficult when you want to have a good relationship with someone and they don’t know how to move forward with you, with your intentions. And, my love, it’s okay to release them from any expectation that you had of them. To allow them to be on their path, exactly where they are, without expecting them or judging them for not being where you may want or need them to be. To trust their path and their inner wisdom, to lead them to the exact places they need to be in for themselves, not according to anyone else’s timeline or expectations. 

You may feel hurt that things aren’t as you want them to be, that this relationship doesn’t look like the dream relationship that you so desire. You can grieve this expectation. And you don’t have to feel “bad” or judge yourself for having this expectation in the first place. It’s okay. You saw how that role is portrayed in so many other people’s lives, and you thought, “how beautiful that is, how sweet that is, I look forward to having that myself someday.” And my love, the “someday” you were hoping for may never come. I don’t tell you this in order to crush your hopes, but for you to reset what you expect. For failed expectations lead to frustrations; but another option is readily available. Are you ready?

Allowing the process of grief when a person you love doesn’t show up in your life in the way you hoped for, dreamed for, is necessary. For when you grieve, you release. You allow your sadness and anger and frustration. You mourn this thing that you most desired for yourself, and you desired it out of the goodness of your heart, from the best of intentions. You thought it would bring genuine good into the world, this coming together in relationship, communion, and there is nothing selfish or inherently bad in that. You are free to release yourself from any judgment that may arise there, dear one.

And once the grieving has occurred, once you’ve released that expectation that you held onto for so long, that hope and dream, you’re now brought to this most beautiful place: what is, right now, here in front of you. The reality of whatever is, the true person in front of you, not the person you dreamed they would be, but who they actually are. In this beautiful, most sacred place, you can see as they want to be seen, not with illusions, but simplicity. The witnessing of their heart is sacred, and when you come to this place, the old dream of what you had wanted may pass away, or it may stay, but this brings about a deeper, truer connection, one where the true witnessing of hearts may take place, not as they are wished to be. Practicing this true acceptance brings so much joy. You have what you need to move ahead in this process. You already have the strength. You can move ahead now, love. It’s safe to release the illusions and see yourself and others for who you all really are. And in this space, you are free to love more unconditionally. What a beautiful experience that is. What a beautiful life that is. 

With so much Love,

My Heart