When the things that feel true aren’t true, and the things that are true don’t feel true. 

This space creates confusion, and the confusion is necessary in unlearning old truths and adopting the new.

Those old truths worked for parts of yourself, and those parts of you believe that truth, the old version of you that saw what worked and what didn’t and created a stance. “Prove to me otherwise,” that part of you will say. But here you are, in this day, trying to be and live and act and do in a new way. 

But that old part won’t let you. It’s grasping on for dear life. Letting go is scary as hell, the unknown is frightening, what happens if you don’t survive?

The now version of you wants more freedom, more of what you want to be true. So now you have a chasm, between the past and present, and what can you choose to do?

Can it be you don’t have a choice, your old ways will win out in the end? The feeling is strong, you have to hold on, and there’s no way you can let go and move through. 

But what if you just decide to choose what you want here and now? Can it be you are that powerful, what if it’s true, there’s only one thing you can do…

The courage that runs in your veins, vowing never to stay the same, you’ve chosen your path and promised to never go back. You’ve made your choice and now you know, that you can choose anew.