When you feel stuck, trapped, isolated… 

I want to remind you,

This is a feeling. 

It’s feeling like your current reality, it feels so “TRUE,” but can you step outside of that?

Can you back up and see the bigger picture?

Can you remember that feelings are feelings and not necessarily the truth of your situation?

Can you honor the feeling inside of you, not negate or invalidate what you feel?

They come up from inside of you for a reason, you know. 

There was a point in time where believing these things helped you, guided you, assisted you through the place you were in. 

And can you see, they’re here again, trying to help because they helped you the last time you needed guidance. 

Maybe this time they’re off, it’s feeling untrue, and the way you can tell is that it doesn’t feel true. 

These feelings that emerge within are describing an old version of you, and this current version of you is ready to move onto something new.

Are you ready to step back now? Can you see the bigger picture at hand? 

Can you describe your situation from a new perspective, gaining new insight, seeing new land? A new horizon, a new beginning, something that’s helping you move forward now? 

What is it that you crave? Allow that to guide the way.

Your desire is here to help you, to help you find your way. 

So when you’re ready, let go of what the past offered to you in the now. The present has a new offering, and you can choose your acceptance of either gift, but don’t get them confused. The past will keep you where you were at, if you keep trying to bring it with you in the present. 

The present will guide you to more of who you are, who you have become. 

Choose you now. Honor who you were, release the identity you were holding onto, and embrace the newness of the you that is.