Give yourself the space you wish for, whatever you need.

There’s no prize in suffering the most, in trying to burn yourself out. 

There’s nothing waiting at that finish line except for resentment and frustration, anger towards others, but really anger towards the self. 

Give yourself what you desire, allow yourself to breathe.

Deeply, without limits, there’s nothing else more important. 

You’ve held it in so long, held your breath, just allowing enough in to survive. 

But now you can expand and allow it to fill you to the brim. 

Give yourself the gift of daydream, allow yourself to roam free.

Go where you’ve always wanted, let the stiff ridges warm into soft expanses. 

Think of the things you love, find the freedom that lies there.

It’s a little scary, imagining what you’ve longed for for so long, but there’s nothing there, except the feeling of open and free. 

Give yourself compassion, grace for all the times you’ll fall. 

When you go against your Self or others, just take the sting away by softening the harshness that you’ve practiced for so long.

It’s always okay to mess up and fall down, remind yourself of this, dear one.

It has to happen, it will happen, make peace with the happening of hurt and pain. 

Give yourself the sweetness of tuning into your needs, find the rest that lies there for you.

It never stops, the tuning in, and there you’ll be, again and again. 

But the practice of bringing your attention there will make sure you’re cared for.

This task belongs only to you, and the more you do it you will see how sweet it is to be loved by you.