As a perfectionist, I can say, I am perfect at letting go of perfection. 

… Ha!!!

Yeah, no, the reality is that, as a perfectionist, letting go of perfection is a moment to moment practice, that will take up much of my attention and energy. 

The real question is, is it worth it? Is letting go of perfection worth all of the energy it takes in the process of the actual letting go? 

Ha. Letting go of perfection is trying to change WHAT IS. I already am a perfectionist. Why fight it? Why try to change it? Why go through all the effort of NOT trying to make everything as perfect as I possibly can, and not doing anything that I know from the get go won’t turn out in the perfect way I do things? 

I’ll tell you why: because not changing what is, the state of perfectionism that I am used to operating in, is allowing myself to stay trapped in that cage. 

Perfectionism is the cage, and “good enough” is the key. 

“Eh, it’s good enough.” I want this to be my new life’s motto. (And the perfectionist within is screaming in horror… “NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!”)

You see, some things are worth putting in the extra effort to give your all on, like… well… some things. (I guess that just depends on who you are and what you value. I can’t say what those things are, because they differ from one person to the next.) 

Perfectionism is when you give your all on EVERYTHING, leaving yourself worn out and useless for the rest of life-living you have. (This is my type of perfectionism. There are different types.) 

Whatever I’m focusing on, whether it be motherhood, finances, having a clean home, planning out my schedule, working out, reading, writing, whatever it is, I GIVE IT MY ALL and expect perfection because DAMN RIGHT MY BEST IS GOOD ENOUGH TO BE PERFECT. 

However, in LETTING GO OF PERFECTIONISM, the above statement can be re-written as:


Good enough. Drop my standards on the things that aren’t that important. Save my energy for the things I want to use it for. Like having fun, playing games, exploring outside. Whatever it is that feels fun and exciting, if we use up all of our energy on keeping things wonderful and perfect all the time, we’re gonna be too burnt out to enjoy this miserable life

If we use up all of our energy on keeping things miserably perfect all the time, we’re gonna be too burnt out to enjoy this wonderful life.