I was just listening to Mel Robbins’ “The 5 Second Rule,” where I heard her say “I don’t give a shit about your feelings, you’re never going to FEEL like it…”

Interesting… and…

I disagree.

You can 5-4-3-2-1 all you want, but what about the self-sabotage that shows up later? If you don’t BELIEVE that you are deserving of whatever thing you want, then you’re just going to keep subconsciously sabotaging the efforts that you put forth, leading to frustration with yourself, asking yourself “why does this keep happening to me?”

I definitely believe action is important for your situation to change, but it has to be paired with shifting your beliefs. And emotions are just here to show you that something in your reality is going against your subconscious beliefs.

So, in that moment, while I was listening to “The 5 Second Rule,”I thought of a hack for emotions… How you can hack your way to doing the thing you *used to* didn’t want to do…

…How to WANT to do the thing that you used to dread doing… (instead of just doing the thing even though “you’ll never FEEL like it…”)

Think about how you’ll feel AFTERWARDS. Fucking life changing, I know, I know.

We’re not stupid… Our brains are freaking magnificent.

Do you think you can get out of worry, and get out of thinking that you KNOW what will happen long enough, so that you can dream up what you WANT to happen instead?

Can you IMAGINE that you’re already enjoying the outcomes that you desire? When you do this, your brain has the EXPERIENCE of what you desire… your brain has already done the thing, and so you have a neural pathway already established. (aka Visualization. If you think this is “weird”, then you might want to google how the top athletes in the world use this tool to achieve success.)

Now guess what? You can go and do the thing in real life… Since you’ve already imagined how it’s going to feel, you know that when you do the thing that you “don’t want to do,” it makes you feel the way you desire to feel…

So the hack is simple… MAKE-BELIEVE. And let the feelings that you experienced in your make-believe, inspire you to take action based on what you wish to create in your reality, to take action based on what feelings you desire to bring into your life.

Kids make-believe all the time. It’s a normal, natural thing that we are born ready to do, and then we hear the words “be realistic,” or “get your head out of the clouds.”

NO. Don’t fucking get your head out of the clouds. Leave it up there, and imagine all that you want.

And when somebody says the words “be realistic,” recognize that the realistic they are talking about is based on their current reality that they have created for themselves, that they have restricted themselves into.

Do your own thing. Stop putting walls up for yourself. And definitely don’t allow anyone else to box you in. You are created from the same energy that created the universe… so you’re pretty much magic. Others don’t decide for you. You decide.

(Side note: I am still gaining IMMENSE value from “The 5 Second Rule.” I definitely recommend it. Because sometimes, you WILL need to just do the thing [whatever is before you], and you won’t have the time to visualize, or dig deep into what you’re believing about a certain situation that makes you not want to do whatever it is that you need to do. So it’s extremely helpful; it’s just not the ONLY way. The 5 second rule paired with emotional wellness will lead to more long-term success than just the 5 second rule alone.)