(I wrote this to myself, but feel free to receive it for yourself 🙂 Substitute your name where you want to.)

I am a really awesome piano teacher. I am a really awesome mom.

When I focus on where I think I’m in lack, only seeing my shortcomings, I strive outside of myself to be “whole.”

… as if I’m not already.

This is when I choose anxiousness, or restlessness. This is when I choose to be not present. This is from the unconscious.

Remember Amber, you are already whole. You are already enough. There’s no adding to you, because you. are. already. it. You are already what you need. It’s letting go of the extra baggage that is the illusion that you’re not what you need, that you’re separate from Love.

When I can let go of all the shit, then I see clearly. I see exactly what my next step is. When I can release thinking other people are the authority over my life, my decisions, my choices, my perspectives, this is when I can be easily guided by my Inner Knowing, my connection to God. I ALWAYS have this, and silly Amber, sometimes you forget. It’s okay, we all forget sometimes. But you don’t have to. You get to remember this complete wholeness, this complete abundance, ALWAYS.

I know I am an amazing piano teacher; the relationship with my students is the most important part, and when I don’t know what something means, or I don’t play some of the music very well, I’m honest and say, “wow I need to work on that!”

I can do the same thing in motherhood! I see my relationship with my daughter is the most important thing, not me being perfect. My connection to her is the gold, the love, the light. When I mess up, I can OPENLY admit it, and say “Wow, I need to work on this some more! Forgive me please! I’ll make sure I focus on this so I can be better in this area.” I already have it within me to be better (so I already am), I just have to give it my focus and attention. I have it inside of me, there is no striving, just focus. Just attention. I can do that. I am wonderful at directing my focus.

The answer is not found by looking out there; the answer is found by looking in here (tapping on heart).