It’s so exciting, isn’t it?

The feeling of freedom, when you’re no longer tied down to the actions of others.

The moment you realize, deep in your heart, that your reactions are not controlled by the behavior of others, or any outside circumstances. (Do you see the chorus of angels singing, with a light shining down from the heavens on you? It’s there.)

The freedom that comes with the first time you realize, your old self would have had a crazy emotional reaction to the situation you were just in, but YOU were there.

YOU were there, with your inner child (the part of yourself that wants to freak out like a three year old anytime you perceive you’ve been “wronged” by an outside source).

YOU were there, comforting yourself, reminding yourself that the actions of others are just that… the actions of OTHERS. Not to be confused with the actions of you… and definitely not in control of the actions of you.

YOU were there, helping yourself in the process of letting go; letting go of the crap you wanted so badly to pick up from whatever outside source your inner child thought you should freak out about.

There’s still some resistance going on after the event has taken place. You find that you’ve surprised yourself by remaining calm, when, in the past, you would’ve just lost it. And part of you wants to resort back to those days. Because, let’s be honest here, change is kind of uncomfortable. Even good change.

What will you do in this moment? This moment that’s creating a life-changing shift. You used to believe that your emotions were in control of you, but you now realize that’s just not true… this experience has shown you that your old beliefs, what you thought were completely right, completely true… are not true anymore.

What happens next? It’s definitely more comfortable just to go back to what used to work. But I have a sneaking suspicion that if you try to go back, you won’t be in integrity with yourself because you know there is a better way. And that better way is found when you walk in your truth.

This confrontation of change brings in the awareness that if I try too hard to define who I am with my beliefs, my opinions, my “facts” that I know to be true, and that if I am always “right,” my way is the only way… how on earth will I be confident in who I am as a Divinely beloved human? How on earth will I respond when my paradigm is shattered by a new realization, a new revelation? How can we survive if we’re not willing to evolve with the world around us? How can we move into our purpose if we’re so stuck in the way we think things “should” be? Because when we take a step back, and open our eyes, we will find that things are so incredibly different than what we were taught.

We were trained for this life by people who did the best they could with the tools and knowledge that they had, but who came from their own perspective.

If you ask 50 different people to tell you what happened at the same event, you will have 50 different stories. How is that possible? Which one is the truth? Well, they’re all true, at least for the person who shared their perspective.

Our truths are defined by our past experiences, so how could a thing be true for somebody if they’ve never even experienced what it feels like?

At the end of the day, I believe each human being is doing the very best they can. From this perspective, it’s so much easier to feel compassion and love for each individual we meet, for all of our brothers and sisters on this planet.

When rooting and grounding ourselves in love, and speaking and acting from this place, how many beautiful and amazing gifts will we see show up in our lives?

I have a sneaking suspicion the results will overwhelm our hearts and the amazing lives around us.