I’m laughing at myself. I have a strong desire to sit down and write, but what about? I’m not exactly sure yet.

Still over here laughing.


Did you know that we literally speak life and death with the tongue?

I’m in awe over here. It’s just so amazing to see the results show up in my life.

Just earlier I was talking about my trip to Paris in the spring, a trip I’ve wanted to take for probably half of my life, and then I opened up my laptop and saw a sale on flights to Europe. GASP!!! I just laughed. I love seeing the effect my words have on my existence.

I feel like I always return to this, maybe because it literally is my life right now. Seeing how powerful our words are, it reminds me to change my story to create the life I want.

If I’m walking around saying how tired I am all the time, my body is going to stay in alignment with the words I’m speaking, because my brain wants to be right. So I’ll just keep staying tired.




When I speak energy and vitality over my body, I feel an instant shift.

Keep special guard over the words of your mouth.

My prayer for today: Help me to be aware of the language I use, and to create life all around me, everywhere I go, and to speak life into all of the lives around me.

At an Empower Young Living Event I attended this past weekend, a presenter shared a technique she uses when she said something she did not want to come into her reality: “Cancel, Clear.” Like when you’re erasing something you’ve typed on a computer.

So notice your words, consciously speak abundance into your life, relationships, family, career, home, fitness, etc., and if something slips out while you’re in the process of re-writing your story that you tell yourself and others, remember that you have the power to “Cancel, clear” anytime, and then speak more life into your existence.


Can you imagine all of the possibilities that you can bring into your life with this simple change?


Here are some examples for you:

Old story: “I don’t have enough money for that.”

New story: “I am resourceful, and if that is valuable to me then I will find a way to bring it into my life.”


Old story: “I have a really hard time losing weight.”

New story: “I am on a journey to being my healthiest version of myself.”


Old story: “I just don’t have the time to do all the things I want to do.”

New story: “I prioritize what is important to me, and I have time for everything that lights my soul up.”


Old story: “I have a hard time making money.”

New story: “I make money easily and effortlessly.”


Old story: “I’m afraid of what other people will think of me.”

New story: “I walk in my truth and by doing so I give other people permission to do the same.”


Old story: “I can’t do the things that I feel are calling to me because I am always with my other responsibilities.”

New story: “My responsibilities better equip me for the new ideas and pursuits that are calling to me. I find time to do what is most important to me.”


Whatever your old story is, I dare you to take it and reframe it.

Look for how it is giving to you, how it is helpful to you, and how it is serving you.

Whenever you catch yourself speaking your old story, “NOPE! Cancel, clear!!” And then speak your new story into your life.

And watch for the miracles that start showing up in your life. 🙂


Stay mouthy,

Amber Lee 🙂