There are so many things going through my head about opinions right now.

I trust that my words will flow through my fingers in the way that is most beautiful and helpful for our souls.


We feel a strong calling towards a thing, and that thing feels so right and resonates so deeply with our souls, because it is our purpose calling out to us. You know what I mean… when you have this brilliant idea or vision, and you just KNOW it’s what you’re being called to.

There’s a brief moment of excitement, and then, a little “frenemy” named fear may try to sneak in… He’s kept you small and safe in the past, or that’s how it appeared. But he’s also held you back from your biggest dreams and desires because sometimes those dreams and desires call us to go through some scary sh*t. And we perceive that scary sh*t as danger.

It’s at this point that we have a choice and that choice has to be made in an instant. We can choose to let that fear make us small, and keep us stagnant, OR we can say thank you for your input, dismiss it, move past it, and expand into what we’re being called to do.

Opinions of Others

That overwhelming fear that can say many different things (it usually knows what to say in order to get your goat). For me: “What will they think of you?”

The opinions of others are vast; if you only allow yourself to move forward when you think you will have approval from everyone… baby… you’re going nowhere.

Every single person has their own vantage point, their own opinions. Each vantage point is different than anyone else’s. So if you’re running around trying to please everybody, you’ll be spread thinner than flat Stanley going through snail mail. Because there are more than 7.5 billion people on this planet.

Caring about the opinions of others stems from a craving for approval. Why am I seeking outward approval? Now we’re getting somewhere.

If I’m approved of, that means I’m accepted. Ouch.

If I’m seeking approval and acceptance that means I don’t currently have it, because you don’t seek for something that you already have. Double ouch.


Reminder: I have already been given that approval and acceptance from God, and I can approve and accept myself exactly as I am. I can love myself exactly where I’m at right now, as I’m exactly the way that my Creator created me to be.

When I’m full of that love and compassion for myself, flaws and all, I can show that same love and compassion to the people in my life. And suddenly, I’m not so much concerned about what it is others think of me; instead, I am focused on the learning opportunities that arise as I notice the feelings that come up for me day to day around staying in that love, and sharing that love and compassion with others.

So when it’s time for us to make that choice, the choice of letting the fear in and crippling us from taking action OR saying “thank you for your input,” letting the fear go, and choosing to stay rooted and grounded in love, let’s choose love, and act on it.

Whatever it is that we choose to act on will create a rippling effect. What we focus on, what we CHOOSE, will expand and show up more in our lives, and will flow over into the lives of the souls around us.


We get to choose.