A question I was asked recently and have been pondering ever since:
“So what can we do to let go of the stress that makes us a way we don’t want to be?”
When listening to Cathy Heller’s podcast featuring Jen Sincero (author of You are a Badass), Jen said something that brought up this thought in me: Stress is a story that I hold onto. I am completely able to rewrite that story. It definitely does not serve me. It’s time to rewrite that story.
This is super intense for me. Stress has been part of my story for so long. But I have some really great news… We create our own reality.
We get to choose our own beliefs. We get to decide. (Insert me screaming like a little girl here, because that’s how excited I am about this.)
So, Amber, you’re telling me that I don’t have to live with this overwhelming, never-ending, sometimes debilitating stress that takes over my body and life?
YESSSS!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!! Freedom!!!!
So here’s the fun part… take out your pen and paper. We’re gonna do this together.
What is your story around stress? What were you taught about stress? How does it impact your life now?
Here’s mine:
Growing up, I saw lots of stress around every part of life. Money, marriage, kids. Those are the things that stick out to me. Those are the things that made up everyday life for me, so it seemed that everyday life was stressful. I was taught that we always have stressors, and I may have taken that as “you will always be stressed,” because this is how life had been for me since becoming an adult several years ago. (This is why I’m so excited about this! I have believed that this is just how life is for like, 11 years. And then today when I had this revelation, I was like “wait, what???? This isn’t how life has to be? There is another way?” Talk about shattering a paradigm!!)
Ok, now that that’s done, let’s shift gears. What is your *new* story? Write it down! (Seriously, take as much time as you need and write out ALL of your thoughts! This is how we change our beliefs about things that we were taught growing up, things that we thought were absolute truths that are absolutely opinions!!!)
Here’s my new story:
I cope with stress in freaking amazing ways. I AM a badass (thanks Jen Sincero; I’m so going to read her book). When stressors come my way, I take deep, healing breaths and step into my flow and truth. My life is beautiful and I enjoy it to the fullest every single day. I radiate peace, and joy, and light, and love, and abundance. My body and mind can relax, because I feel safe wherever I go. The world is my playground and I am an explorer, an adventurer. My body takes amazing care of me and I love to live life in a vibrant way.
Now it’s time to write down your new story. Go ahead! Do it!
Now write down a short affirmation that you can say anytime your old story comes up. Here’s mine: “I breathe deeply and trust myself. I relax and let go of stress in vibrant ways.”
I am way excited about the shifts that are going to happen here!!!! BEST DAY EVER.
I hope this helps you break free and live life soaring like an eagle, as bold as a lion. You are loved.