It is easy to think about all of the woes we have in life… I could name a few, but that’s just not the point of this message. I’ll be straight with you… today I was full of woes. Nothing going right, everything going wrong. And now that I look back, I’m really embarrassed and ashamed. (But hey—there’s no sense in feeling bad over it because sometimes… cranky moods just happen. So when they DO happen, we need to have a game plan.)

And the game plan is easy.


For the people you have in your life, the job you have, or the talents you have been blessed with. For the roof over your head, and the people you get to smile at.  For the food you have to eat, the beautiful great outdoors, and the night sky’s natural beauty. For the music you get to listen to and the sports you can participate in. Think of anything and you can find a way to be grateful for it.

So next time you catch yourself in this crankiness, immediately recognize what’s going on (that you are feeling sorry for yourself.) This is vital—because if you keep on in that mindset, it becomes more difficult to get out of it.

Find, seek, and pursue thankfulness. Don’t stop searching until you’ve abandoned your “sorry” focus for your grateful focus!